Exploring the questions with a loving net.

Whoever you are, and wherever you are on your quest for connection to spirit, we welcome you. In fact, as our pastor often says, you are welcome – and needed and appreciated – precisely because of, not in spite of, who and where you are in your journey.

At Wash Park, each individual defines their own path, with love and support from the community. We blend old and new teachings and rituals to create meaningful experiences of connection and growth. One member calls it “risk taking with a loving net.”

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What we can offer for…..

“Christianity Plus” seekers

Steeped in the heritage of Christianity and following the way of Jesus as we understand it, we also find value in other spiritual traditions. An inquirer recently asked, “Do you mean that this is a Christian church but you don’t have to be Christian to participate?” That is correct. In fact, we are reminded that each person is responsible for her or his own spiritual growth.

When you join here you are not asked if you are a Christian, just if this is the right faith community for you.

Here you will find groups and resources to support and guide you in your spiritual journey.

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Multi-tradition intellectual seekers
You don’t have to leave your brain behind. Neither do you have to forsake the tradition in which you grew up, or deny the faith of a partner or family member. Varieties of faith experience enrich us. As a mentor once said, “It would be odd if the tradition into which I happened to be born were the only tradition that God accepts.”
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Those alienated from a life of faith

We know that religion has a bad rap these days. When a person has reason to dislike or dismiss religion as they have experienced it, but still yearns for companionship on their spiritual path, they need a safe place to seek community. A place where they won’t have to expect the other shoe to drop.

We try to be that safe place for you. We love people. It’s that simple for us. If you need a safe place to fall, or an accepting, non-anxious group of people who give you room to approach at your own pace and come as close as you desire, maybe you will find you fit in here just fine.

This is a non-creedal church, and we hope it is a church where you can bring your whole self.

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Gathering to Grow

Journey of the Spirit

Adult discussion group that meets during the week. Check the calendar for exact date and location.

Sunday worship

We gather for inspiration on Sundays, finding new ways to draw from ancient wisdom and modern truth-telling.

Lunch and learns

Several times a year following Sunday worship, we meet to better understand compassionate responses to contemporary issues.

Intergenerational by design

Our young members are fellow teachers and journeyers. We prepare our youth to live intentional lives, around a core of faith and community.

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Expressing Spirit

Our expressions of faith, hope and love take many forms. Here are few examples.