Denver Pride Parade 2022

  • Please RSVP to Lee and/or Allyson
  • Please arrive at Cheesman 8:30am to get into place. If you would like to carpool, please meet at the WPUCC parking lot no later than 8:15am. If you are designated as a parade vehicle driver, arrive by 7:30am at Cheesman.
  • Plan to wait around! The march begins at 9am but may take considerable time before our group starts marching.
  • We will gather at Cheesman Park. There will be big banners that correspond to the colors of the rainbow – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. We are in the Green group, along with the local churches we will march with.
  • We walk from Cheesman to Colfax, and then down to the capitol – where there is a huge event happening (bands, food, alcohol, booths, etc.). Once there it is easiest to Uber or walk back to Cheesman to get your car.
Parade Rules:
  • We are not allowed to hand out anything along the way
  • NO alcohol allowed while walking
  • Bubbles are fine