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We build a safe and energizing home for exploring spirituality within a broad and inclusive framework.

We embrace and actively support each individual’s spiritual journey.

Profoundly supportive community.

We nurture a deep sense of belonging, with joy and laughter and, in times of need, profound support.

And for nearly a century, we’ve been a lively anchor place for deep cross-generational friendships and shared values.

Social and environmental justice.

Calling out and healing injustice takes many forms, and we are active across the spectrum.

In partnership with others in the wider community, we seek to make change in the world, with our core values of justice, peace, and care for the earth.

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Upcoming Services - Online

October Worship Services

October 3 – Living With Adversity

We will focus on and use insights from a careful look at the Hebrew story of Job, his wife and their tragic losses. At a time when we are being challenged perhaps by health issues, Covid-19, financial/job loss, the loss of loved ones, the trauma of living these times of crises, simple answers or platitudes about what comes on the other side of the adversity ring hollow. We are gathering for worship as safely as possible in socially distant pews. In the last month we have held two hybrid Memorial Services with approximately 80 people most recently attending in person. We ask that masks be worn, especially during singing, and that attendees be vaccinated against Covid-19. We would encourage you to attend by Zoom if you have not been vaccinated. Tears will come to your eyes as you hear the sanctuary fill with singing. We will continue to do hybrid worship (Zoom and in person) and invite those who would feel safe in attending, to join us each Sunday. 
October 8 – La Foret for a Day
La Foret for a day is on October 9th and we need to know if you plan on joining us. We gathered safely last year taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors and we believe we can do so again. This year we will use our time together to connect, to reimagine doing and being church, how we worship, explore ways to connect with others with whom we might minister to the needs and challenges of these times. And we will have time to play, explore, meditate, walk and pray through the Labyrinth, and hike the beautiful grounds of LaForet. Please email and let us know you are planning to attend.
October 10 – “To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required”
For weeks our news has been filled with breathless discussions of public policies designed to benefit ordinary people and enhance traditional national infrastructure. How to pay for these programs and policies has raised questions and proposals for how to pay for them. Is there a perspective that our faith informs? What did the founder of the faith say about wealth and taxes? Is it relevant? We will think about these things, not from a political perspective but from a faith perspective.
October 17 – Embracing Greatness – the Love of Power or the Power of Love
As Jesus was continuing his journey to a fatal showdown with religious leaders and the brutal power of the Roman empire, some of his disciples wanted to share in his power and greatness. Surely one who drew such large crowds, demonstrated the ability to calm stormy seas, and even raise people from the dead was destined to rule the world. And they wanted to be right there with Jesus as his next in command. His response speaks to our day.
October 24 – Curing That Which Binds
Sometimes we scoff at the stories of Jesus healing folks, giving sight to those who were blind. Should we? What if we could help heal those who are blind, blinded by fear, blinded by hate, blinded by our racism? Sometimes we get caught up in reading scripture as literally as fundamentalists do and we miss the possibilities underlying stories of healing. Perhaps helping another see light in their darkness is as much of a healing as were those in Jesus’ day.
October 31 – Happy Halloween!
We will observe All Saints Day in our morning service which will be a time of remembering those who have passed away during this last year as well as remembering those who have succumbed to Covid-19. The focus of the service will be Remembering and Celebrating Those We’ve Lost. We invite you to share the names of those who you wish to remember and honor in this special service.  We will remember those who have walked among us and, and though they are dead, their lives, their memories, their faith live on with us. While dead they still “speak” to us as ” we run with endurance the race that is set before us.” Share a name of a loved one or friend and a memory that still lives on though they have left us in this world.
Lee Berg - Minister
joined by St. Clare and St. Francis

A Note From Lee

Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud

Recently Cindy and I went to the mountains and walked the Hesse Trail above Nederland and Eldora.The shimmering gold of Aspen in transition was beautiful from a distance. When we walked among the aspen along the trail, they grew in their beauty. Seeing the shimmering gold up close allowed us to enjoy their beauty in a much more “personal” way. It was as if we were living among them in those moments as they became a part of us and we were a welcomed part of their world. I hope you can find time to travel to the front range foothills and mountains to take part in this annual festival of shimmering gold. Life is better up close and personal. 
Latinx Heritage month began mid-September and is a reminder for me that Colorado and my native state of Texas were originally a part of Mexico that extended to the Canadian border. The positive influence of latinos and latinx communities on our state and nation runs deep in our nation’s history. It continues to be painful to see the hostility shown migrants of all nations, and especially those from latinx nations who seek to build better lives for their families here in the US. During these days, please remember that all of us who are not native Americans are descendants of immigrants. Pray that a sane and humane immigration system will be built that welcomes and respects all migrants. After all we are all a part of the human race.

What's Happening

Network Coffee House

Supporting Homeless

Since 1978 the primary desire has been to create a hub for redemptive relationship by sharing coffee in Capital Hill. Healing begins and ends with relationship.  

Due to COVID we have had to adjust our typical program to provide some basic emergency needs for our neighbors. We’ve handed out as many as 500-700 sack lunches a week along with water and of course, coffee.

Find out how you can help.

Black Lives – All Lives Matter?

For several months, our front sign has joined with the widespread movement for racial justice with the statement, “Black Lives Matter.” Recently, chalked comments near our sign have countered with the statement, “All Lives Matter.”  (Thank you for using chalk, and not paint!)

Read Wash Park thoughts on this issue here. 

Helping Homeless Women

WHI Bag Lunch Update
from Bev Rexrode:
WHI Bag Lunch Brigade has another signup for delivery of lunches to the SOS camp and Denver Public Library Outreach.  Please consider donating to the lunches. Sign up at this link: 

Thank you!
Bev Rexrode (571-205-9095)

At the Global Climate Strike

At Wash Park we believe social and eco-justice advocacy is better when we do it together.

In this video, our members and friends reflect on what it means to do this work as part of a spiritual community.

Hosted by Wash Park UCC