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Welcome to Wash Park UCC!

A lively community of hope, joy, healing and love.

A Home for Those Seeking...

Rich, creative spiritual

We build a safe and energizing home for exploring spirituality within a broad and inclusive framework.

We embrace and actively support each individual’s spiritual journey.

Profoundly supportive community.

We nurture a deep sense of belonging, with joy and laughter and, in times of need, profound support.

And for nearly a century, we’ve been a lively anchor place for deep cross-generational friendships and shared values.

Social and environmental justice.

Calling out and healing injustice takes many forms, and we are active across the spectrum.

In partnership with others in the wider community, we seek to make change in the world, with our core values of justice, peace, and care for the earth.

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011

Upcoming Services

May Worship Services – 10am – Hybrid

May 1 – Transformation on the Journey
One of the lessons I continue to learn evolves from a recognition that I need to continue to learn. I struggle with the question of why do people do evil so willingly and cheerfully in the name of God? Some are stoking the flames of fear and targeting those marginalized by hate speech. Is transformation possible for these persons? What’s my role in working toward that transformation and the transformation of oppressive systems? Does the need for speaking truth into the public square conflict with seeking the things that make for peace? This Sunday we will consider the transformation of one such person in history what we might learn from his story.

May 8 – Trusting in God’s Provision for the Challenges We Face
Those who stoke fear and uncertainty during rising inflation, high gas prices, political division do so as a means of controlling the masses for the benefit of the rich and powerful. Where do we find comfort and hope? The Psalmist and Jesus use the common role of shepherd to offer assurances of care, comfort and support as an antidote to the fear’s poison. While the idea of shepherds is hard for us to grasp in the 21st century of cars that drive themselves “hands free,” we will explore the teachings we find in Psalm 23 and John 10 that offer light and hope for today.

May 15 – Making What Things New?
As bad news continues to roll in, many of us are feeling tired, worn down, and ready for a change. What hope can we find for a world that looks different, that has more justice? Eric McEuen, our Music Director, will look for hope in an unlikely place: an ancient poetic text that is often misunderstood (and often abused) but was meant to inspire hope for a transformed world and a more just order.

May 22 – Can We Speak of Peace in the Face of War, Drought and Famine?
Some believe that these extraordinary difficult days of war, devastating impacts of climate change, and uncertain economic times make speaking of peace impossible or Pollyannaish. For those of us who have lived through dark days in the histories of our lives, we do have a message of encouragement and hope to offer the generations who follow if we will listen for opportunities to share our stories. And while our stories might not be as interesting as social media for some, our experiences with resilience and resistance in the difficult chapters of our lives have much to offer those living with fear and frustration. May we have ears to hear and hearts to care for those overwhelmed by the noise of our day.

May 29
Tentative plans are being made for us to join with our friends at Kirk of the Bonnie Brae for worship on May 29th. We will have transitioned the current set up of our sanctuary to our prior and preferred semicircle arrangement of pews around our Communion Table, facing the south wall. Stay tuned for updates.


We are back to hybrid worship, in person and by Zoom. No sign-up is required to come in person.

We ask that you observe these guidelines to help keep everyone safe:

-Please observe social distancing
-One family group or two unrelated people per pew
-Based on current CDC guidelines, we ask that everyone wear masks inside the building
-Singing into your mask is OK with us

Whichever way you choose to attend, we welcome you!


Lee Berg - Minister
joined by St. Clare and St. Francis

A Note From Lee

Cindy and I will be traveling to New York on Friday to attend a wedding celebration and to visit friends and family. Thank you for allowing me to take some time to relax. We return on the 20th. Eric will be preaching on Sunday in my place. 

A special thank you to Peter for increasing our tech capacity so that we can transition to enjoying in person church with the room arranged in a semi-circle facing the south. Our trial run will be on June 5.

On June 12, we will have breakfast before the start of our annual meeting. The breakfast will begin at 9:00am and the Annual Meeting will begin at 10:00 am.

Grace and Peace,

What's Happening

Network Coffee House

Supporting Homeless

Since 1978 the primary desire has been to create a hub for redemptive relationship by sharing coffee in Capital Hill. Healing begins and ends with relationship.  

Due to COVID we have had to adjust our typical program to provide some basic emergency needs for our neighbors. We’ve handed out as many as 500-700 sack lunches a week along with water and of course, coffee.

Find out how you can help.

Black Lives – All Lives Matter?

For several months, our front sign has joined with the widespread movement for racial justice with the statement, “Black Lives Matter.” Recently, chalked comments near our sign have countered with the statement, “All Lives Matter.”  (Thank you for using chalk, and not paint!)

Read Wash Park thoughts on this issue here. 

Helping Homeless Women

WHI Bag Lunch Update
from Bev Rexrode:
WHI Bag Lunch Brigade has another signup for delivery of lunches to the SOS camp and Denver Public Library Outreach.  Please consider donating to the lunches. Sign up at this link: 

Thank you!
Bev Rexrode (571-205-9095)

At the Global Climate Strike

At Wash Park we believe social and eco-justice advocacy is better when we do it together.

In this video, our members and friends reflect on what it means to do this work as part of a spiritual community.

Hosted by Wash Park UCC