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A lively community of hope, joy, healing and love.

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We build a safe and energizing home for exploring spirituality within a broad and inclusive framework.

We embrace and actively support each individual’s spiritual journey.

Profoundly supportive community.

We nurture a deep sense of belonging, with joy and laughter and, in times of need, profound support.

And for nearly a century, we’ve been a lively anchor place for deep cross-generational friendships and shared values.

Social and environmental justice.

Calling out and healing injustice takes many forms, and we are active across the spectrum.

In partnership with others in the wider community, we seek to make change in the world, with our core values of justice, peace, and care for the earth.

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011
At the Global Climate Strike

At Wash Park we believe social and eco-justice advocacy is better when we do it together.

In this video, our members and friends reflect on what it means to do this work as part of a spiritual community.

Upcoming Services - Online

October 20
Blessing of the Ballots:  Living Our Values in the Public Square
SUNDAY Zoom Worship Celebration – 10:00 am

Beloved community will lead us in a Blessing of the Ballots as Colorado begins voting in the 2020 election and we will focus on the power of our faith values to transform the public square.

October 27
Drawing Deep from the Well of Faith:  How we Change Society
SUNDAY Zoom Worship Celebration – 10:00 am

Becoming a more just society takes more than the power of the Courts or the legislatures. Both Jesus and Paul speak to the transforming power of living as believers in a world that often equates a form of religion with the politics of the day and who controls the Supreme Court. We will visit other ideas for changing society.

Lee Berg - Minister
joined by St. Clare and St. Francis

A Note From Lee

One of the joys of doing electronic services from the church on Sunday is that I get to be in the sanctuary and we all get to connect electronically. We miss you when you are gone, and always look forward to “seeing” you on Zoom if that is your way of connecting to the service.

We  enter into August in anticipation of some aspects of life returning in new ways. Pro baseball, golf, basketball, a new form of NFL training camp, and a variety of paths toward educating our students while searching for vaccines and Covid-19 therapies that will overcome the virus.

A crashing economy, millions out of work, expiring moratoriums on evictions and foreclosures impact us and offer new opportunities to care for those hurting in these times. The mission that drove Jesus in his day seemed impossible, and our mission may seem impossible to us today. Scarcity models drove some in Jesus’ day, as they do some in our day. So, let’s offer the Divine what we have to offer and do what we can, when we can, where we can, for as long as we can in fulfilling our mission!!

Part of my looking forward to Sunday flows from being enriched in soul and spirit by our being in community with one another. As we face these days, may we continue to find encouragement in community with one another. I hope to see you Sunday, because we simply are not the same without you!!

If you need to talk, or schedule a Zoom visit, send me a message.


What's Happening

Network Coffee House

Supporting Homeless

Since 1978 the primary desire has been to create a hub for redemptive relationship by sharing coffee in Capital Hill. Healing begins and ends with relationship.  

Due to COVID we have had to adjust our typical program to provide some basic emergency needs for our neighbors. We’ve handed out as many as 500-700 sack lunches a week along with water and of course, coffee.

Find out how you can help.

A Ballot Prayer

from Rev. Allyson Sawtell 

I pray with gratitude: For being able to live in a nation where I can vote, where I can speak my mind, where I can march and write letters and question and try to make a difference.

I pray with humility and confession: I acknowledge that this nation I love was founded on the enslavement of human beings, the stealing of indigenous lands, and the ravishing of nature. Some of us have benefitted from this, others of us have suffered and died. And we are all trying to figure out where we go from here.

And I pray with hope: Even in these times of violence, turmoil, injustice, and fear, we are striving to be together, making a way forward. I commit to vote, to make my voice heard, so that we all might do better. Even with a history that hurts and a future that is unknown.
All this I pray as I put pen to paper and fill in my ballot, or as I prepare to leave the house, mask on, to cast my vote in a polling place.

In all your holy names I pray. together to make a way forward.  I commit to vote, to make my voice heard, so that we might all do better.  Even with a history that hurts and a future that is uncertain.
WHI Initiative

Helping Homeless Women

This news clip from local CBS station talks to the efforts that Diana Flahive (the force behind the Women’s Homeless Initiative) is currently leading. They are interviewing Diana on the current effort of WHI for the women being moved from the Coliseum to other locations this week.  (These collection efforts were in last week’s email blast from Diana.)

Click here to listen

Hosted by Wash Park UCC