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We build a safe and energizing home for exploring spirituality within a broad and inclusive framework.

We embrace and actively support each individual’s spiritual journey.

Profoundly supportive community.

We nurture a deep sense of belonging, with joy and laughter and, in times of need, profound support.

And for nearly a century, we’ve been a lively anchor place for deep cross-generational friendships and shared values.

Social and environmental justice.

Calling out and healing injustice takes many forms, and we are active across the spectrum.

In partnership with others in the wider community, we seek to make change in the world, with our core values of justice, peace, and care for the earth.

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Upcoming Services

April Worship Services – 10am – Hybrid
April 7 – That We May Believe
The disciples and other followers were crushed by the crucifixion of Jesus. Then while hiding to avoid the same fate, they hear the unbelievable reports from Mary Magdalene, rush to the empty tomb and don’t know what to think. Yet they want to believe, so the various accounts from the gospel tell of Jesus appearing to most of the disciples behind locked doors, showing them his wounds, and encouraging them to go to Galilee, where it all started. Judging from the spread of the early church, something convinced them that Jesus had risen, just as they claimed he said. So, what will it take for us to believe? 
April 14 – Learning to Trust in Changing Times
We live in chaotic, challenging, and changing times – deep political divisions, threats of bloodbaths, targeting of migrants, LGBTQ+ persons, educators, liberal churches, the list goes on. Brutal wars border on genocide and invoke claims of “holy” war. Artificial intelligence makes determining what is real and factual part of a seemingly never ending story of conspiracies. As we continue to explore our own changing times as a faith community, who and what do we trust? The early followers of Jesus lived in their own uncertain and chaotic times and they provide some insights that we can learn from if we will have ears to hear.
April 21 – Living from the Heart
The early church embraced the teachings of Jesus as the one sent by God to reveal to the world the love of God. Yet they struggled with what that meant for them and for those from outside Jesus’ Judaism as the church spread into the larger Roman-Greco world. We often point out that one of the early crises the church faced was whether new male converts from outside of Judaism had to be circumcised as well as baptised. We will revisit what it means in our world to love one another as God in Jesus teaches us to love. In congregations like ours, where we question, at times debate, especially the big issues before us, what can we learn to help us use our hearts as well as our minds?
April 28 – Letting Love Guide Our Choices
Have you heard the phrase, “he’s so argumentative that he always leads with his chin.” The temptation is for another who sees things differently taking the opportunity to confront that chin with a closed fist! In my youth, leading with my chin was most familiar to me, especially in the denominational struggles I experienced as a young minister. Then a wise sage reached out in love and said to me, “It is always good to maintain for oneself, the right to be wrong.” All of us together, embracing the love we have for one another in this community of faith, will make good, compassionate choices that will strengthen our community and expand our reach into a world that is hurting.


Lee Berg - Minister
joined by St. Clare and St. Francis

A Note from Lee

So we have journeyed through Lent and celebrated Resurrection. We welcomed newborn life to the congregation, embraced a family mourning the loss of their adult daughter and will host her memorial service on April 13th. We were challenged to help Venezuelan migrants by providing funds to cover the $545 fee for applying for Temporary Protective Status (contributed over $11,000). When visitors join us on Sundays in worship, a common refrain is we didn’t know church could be like this – welcoming, loving, caring, open, vibrant are some of the words shared with me and others.

On a Sunday morning during the service, Fabian, an immigrant needing help – food and prayer – found both, thanks to Bob Murray and Glen Slocum, who is fluent in Spanish. A young wife wanting prayer for her husband recovering from multiple injuries sustained by being hit by a car, attended services with the assistance of a UCC Music minister visiting from out of town, and received prayer and caring support from the congregation. By continuing to be the church in the world, we are living examples of the faith we profess and the service we are called to give.

Thank you to C-3 (Sharon Larsen, Judy and Bob Murray, Scott Munstock, Men’s group) and all who worked to provide the congregation Bruch before our Easter service, the choir and Amy for the wonderful music, and you the congregation for the community you provide and the hope you instill in others. Wash Park is indeed a beloved community.

Grace and peace,

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At the Global Climate Strike

At Wash Park we believe social and eco-justice advocacy is better when we do it together.

In this video, our members and friends reflect on what it means to do this work as part of a spiritual community.

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